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quantum (future pass-back / flash forward) prediction brain trainer tool (QBT)

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how to use the QBT

  1. Select a number between 1 and 10 from the "I Predict Number" drop-down. The aim is to predict the number that will appear in the "Generated Random Number" field.
  2. Tell the Tool whether your choice was a result of Quantum Prediction (see below) or Guesswork.
  3. Hit the "Run Tool" button.
  4. A random number between 1 and 10 in the "Generated Random Number" field and the Tool will tell you whether your prediction or guess was correct. It will also record running results for all your attempts in the session (see below for what the results mean).
  5. If you were Quantum Predicting, take a few moments to project the correct answer to your past self (more on this below).
  6. Repeat the above steps, as you feel motivated (suggested 10 or 20, alternating evenly between guesses and QP's).
  7. At the end of your session, record your stats shown in the "Results" field, with the date, to track your progress.

what is Quantum Prediction (QP) and the QBT?

The Quantum (Future Pass-Back / Flash Forward) Prediction Brain Trainer Tool (QBT for short) stems from an idea related to me by my friend Peter Riani who conjectured that it might be possible to pass information and/or images to one's future or past self (or indeed some other person), on the "Quantum" level (i.e. outside of the usual restrictions/limitations of space and time). Such a technique could be used to make predictions about future events.

The idea is to try and visualise your future self in the process of becoming aware of some piece of information (a Lottery number for example), connecting with that future self (Flashing Forward), and obtaining that information as your existing self (or past self from the perspective of the future self). Additionally, the future self, in their present, attempts to "Pass-Back" the information to the past self, whom they know will be trying to "tune in" to information being sent. In other words, when you become aware of the actual Lottery number, you try and "send" this to your past self at the moment they were trying to visualise/intuit it. Hopefully the two selves meet somewhere in the middle.

So, the QBT is a tool to help develop one's Quantum Prediction (QP) abilities. It does this very simply by getting the tester to try and predict a future event (the generation of a random number) using QP techniques, and compare these against regular guesswork. The suggested practice is this: the tester, attempts to engage with their future self, perhaps visualising that self looking at the random number on the screen. They then make their prediction and hit the Run Tool button. On seeing the resulting number, they then attempt to "Pass-Back" that number (regardless of whether they were correct or not) to the past self, who moments before predicted it.

This last (Pass-Back) step may seem counter-intuitive, because if for example, you know (as you would) that you already predicted the number incorrectly, what is the point in trying to pass the correct answer back? This presents an illogical conundrum for the "non Quantum aware" brain. However, this step is most important, it is an act of Faith, if you will, and it helps to develop the ability to engage with the Quantum and more successfully pass information backwards in time, on future attempts.

I suggest running the tests in batches of 10 or 20 attempts, alternating between an equal number of guesses and QP's. After the session, keep a note of your stats, particularly your % Differential. As you practice with the tool, hopefully in time you will see an improvement in your QP abilities. How long you take over your attempts is up to you, you can experiment to see if more effort yields better results. Indeed possibly you will see better results with guessing, which may ironically be the better way of Quantum Predicting!

You may wish to pass your findings and/or comments suggestions to me: Jeremy Wray.

Good luck and "Allow The Possibility"! :-)

what the results mean

Item Meaning
Total Correct Quantum Predictions Total correct predictions using Quantum Prediction in this session, i.e. correct predictions when "I am Quantum Predicting" was checked
Total Correct Guesses Total correct predictions using guesswork in this session, i.e. correct predictions when "I am Guessing" was checked
% Accuracy (QP) % Accuracy of predictions using Quantum Prediction in this session, i.e. out of all your attempts at Quantum Prediction, the percentage that were correct
% Accuracy (Guess) % Accuracy of predictions using guesswork in this session, i.e. out of all your attempts using guesswork, the percentage that were correct
% Differential % Difference between using Quantum Prediction and guesswork in this session. Where there is a difference between the success of using QP versus guesswork or vice-versa, this figure shows that difference as a percentage. For example if your QP's were 50% correct and your guesses were 25% correct, then your QP's are 100% more correct than your guess, or put another way you have a 100% differential in favour of QP's. Note this result doesn't show until you have at least one attempt at both a guess and a QP.
Total QP's Total number of Quantum predictions taken in this session
Total Guesses Total number of guesses taken in this session