LiteUp is a unique Sit-Stand desking system which is simply brilliant in design and a delight to use. It’s also surprisingly affordable.

So what’s different about it?   With no electric motors to go wrong and which go up and down at annoyingly slow speeds with an equally annoying whirrrrr, or gas lifts which require a lot of physical effort to push back down to sitting height, LiteUp has a unique patented counter-balanced mechanism which allows you to raise and lower the desktop with fingertip pressure, and with great speed.  Fantastic!  This really is the perfect sit-stand desk, one that finally functions the way we want it to and at a cost that makes it a realistic prospect for SMEs to treat all their office staff to one rather than the fortunate few.

Cable Management

Cable trays can be fitted to the lower part of the frame, as well as additional CPU housings to the side of the desk unit.

Desk Screens and Modesty Panels

LiteUp is an all in one unit which comes complete with side and back panels, so no need for bolt-on modesty panels or desk mounted privacy screens.  You can chose from a variety of fabric or coloured finishes for the back panel and the end-panel (outer-most side-panels of the end desks if there are two or more desks in a row) can also be fitted with a fabric cover, or you can customise it with your own design or logo. Just let us have your design and we’ll get it made.


LiteUp SitStand desk cluster


LiteUp SitStand Desk (1)


LiteUp Sitstand Desk (4)